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Some minor swelling in pregnancy is not uncommon for women, especially in the final trimester. Swelling is often caused by your body holding more water than usual when you’re pregnant. Throughout the day the extra water tends to gather in the lowest parts of the body, especially if the weather is hot or you have been standing a lot. The pressure of your growing womb can also affect the blood flow in your legs. Any swelling should be discussed with your care provider as it can, in rare instances, indicate a bigger problem.

Typical swelling, however, can be relieved with a few simple tips.


Light exercise like walking, swimming or yoga can help with blood flow and relieve the swelling in the feet so common in the end of pregnancy. Though it may be difficult to muster the energy to get outside or get up and be active, it can really be worth it for the relief it brings.

Healthy eating

Eating a balanced diet that includes healthy protein, leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and which avoids any processed foods or sugars can also alleviate excessive swelling. In fact, when your diet is this healthy, it is often fine to salt your food to taste since you will be avoiding overly salted processed foods.

Pelvic rocking

Many women find that the simple exercise known as pelvic rocking can help with better circulation while pregnant. Ask your childbirth educator how to do this exercise properly. She can train both you and your partner in good technique.

With care, effort and proper education, even the common complaints of pregnancy can be eased.

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