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It’s that time of year again – time to start your Christmas shopping list. If you know me, it’s probably no surprise that I’m about done with my Christmas shopping. Yes, it’s a bit earlier this year, but I’ve been collecting things all year long. My closet is full! Yes, it’s been hard to keep everything under wraps. And I may have given some of the gifts prematurely, but mostly, things are tucked away, waiting to be wrapped.

I’m a Google Keep junkie. It’s an app that keeps my life organized. Really, it’s the different sections of my brain and life all color-coded. It’s just as lovely on my computer as it is on my phone. I look at it several times a day. One of the lists in my Google Keep is my “Christmas and Birthday” list. I have everyone’s name in it, and as things come up during the year (maybe something they said or liked), I make a note of it. It makes shopping so much easier and … well, intentional. They often forget that they said they wanted it and can’t believe you remembered. Yes, gift-giving is my love language. 

That being said, sometimes those things mentioned aren’t things at all, but rather something they’d love to experience. Put it in your google keep! And then keep an eye out for deals. Last minute shopping is the worst! You often end up spending too much money on something they probably don’t really want. 

If you are like me, you love to have actual presents under the tree, and it’s hard to think of mostly having experiences which don’t usually put pretty packages wrapped in bows under the tree. Get creative. Think of items you’ll need during the experiences – no matter how small – and wrap them. One year I got our kids passes to Hawaiian Falls water park for the next summer, so I bought them each a nice beach towel and had their names embroidered on it, along with nice goggles, new flip flops, gift cards for new swimsuits, etc. I think I even wrapped the sunscreen! You could do something similar with Six Flags passes, or a family zoo pass, etc. The options are never ending. 

Once you buy the gift, put an asterisk next to it in your Google Keep. If it’s a Santa gift, make a note of that, too. This will help you stay organized all year. If you have multiple children, this will help you be able to easily look at the list to be sure things are “even” and “fair.” Do not delete the items until they are unwrapped! If you didn’t buy something (for whatever reason) don’t remove it from the list. Save it for a birthday. Some things will occasionally get dropped and that’s ok. Still at a loss? I have a few websites that I think are really fun when you can’t find the perfect gift:

And of course, the very perfect gift for the expecting family is always childbirth classes and/or a birth or postpartum doula! Visit our online directory to find a class or doula near you or gift one of our online classes! Email [email protected] for more details.

The best part of actually getting all of this done before Christmas Eve? You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the holiday season! Happy shopping and gift giving!

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