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Childbirth Instructor Training, February 2016

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Childbirth Instructor Training, February 2016

Childbirth Instructor Training, February 2016

We just finished another Birth Boot Camp childbirth educator training and it was almost as amazing as birth itself. We have changed things up a lot this time around in an effort to have our instructors be more prepared and confident as they enter the world of starting their own childbirth education business.

Here are some highlights from our latest childbirth instructor training, February 2016.

Childbirth Instructor Training, February 2016

One thing that is special about the Birth Boot Camp family is how connected we are. Though we have people all over the country and world, we communicate, ask and answer questions, share ideas, and support each other. Part of training is just building this incredible community. We love these women!

Childbirth Instructor Training, February 2016

We do as much hands-on training as possible. We want our instructors to teach an exciting, informative, and fun childbirth class. We try to get them up and moving! Then they can do the same with their future students.

Childbirth Instructor Training, February 2016

We don’t call it instructor training for nothing! A big part of our training is giving everyone multiple opportunities to teach about birth. The amazing Melissa, who will be teaching in Los Angeles, CA, blew us out of the water with her section on birth plans.

Childbirth Instructor Training, February 2016

Some of training is discussion. Birth classes cover some tough topics that elicit strong emotions. We want all of our childbirth educators to be able to comfortably address these topics without fear or offense. Part of training is talking about just how to teach.

Childbirth Instructor Training, February 2016

Swag? Did somebody say swag?!

We have a strong focus on running an awesome business at Birth Boot Camp. We help our instructors by making available incredible materials that they can be proud to share with the world.

At this training, we had something extra special to share with our future childbirth educators- two brand new classes that they can offer! Our new Early Pregnancy Class and our Sibling Birth Class are ready to roll. You can find them offered by our instructors in your community or you can purchase the booklets online.


We did something special for this training and invited already certified Birth Boot Camp childbirth educators back to re-experience training. These two had so much fun and brought some awesome perspective to this group.

At the end of training, we ask trainees to fill out an evaluation form so that we can make any changes needed in the future. Here are some of the responses we got.

“I feel like I just met family members that I never knew! The community feeling in the classes are so different that other communities. We were from all walks of life, but had many common interests. I love Birth Boot Camp!”

“I loved it all! I think the most memorable part was getting on the floor because we were all able to see each other an interact evenly. It felt more like a slumber party and less like school.”

“I’m also really excited about the content and materials. I am a great salesman/ teacher when I believe in what I’m teaching and happy I won’t have to fake it. Y’all will make my job easy! I will be proud to share the impressive and comprehensive materials.”

“Loved all of it. Great challenges and rigorous training. I was initially attracted by the in-depth requirements that said Birth Boot Camp means business!”

“I like the teaching tools that are provided. I was intimidated at the thought of trying to add creative and illustrative elements myself. I learn well through those types of teaching aids and wanted a class that would offer that learning style for couples to be incorporated. So I appreciate that applicable, specific tools are provided. I think it will add fun and a lot of “ah ha!” moments for couples, as well as better internalization of the lessons.”

If you want to share your amazing natural birth with the world through childbirth education, join us! We all have a desire to do good in the world and make a difference- teaching birth is a great way to do just that!

Childbirth Instructor Training, February 2016

Here they are, the most recent graduates of Birth Boot Camp childbirth instructor training, February 2016! Find their  listings here.

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