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Childbirth Education Helps Lower Cesarean Section Rates

By April 10, 2015June 24th, 20202 Comments

cesarean rates lowered with childbirth education

Childbirth Education Helps Lower Cesarean Section Rates

At Birth Boot Camp we love being a part your life as you prepare to welcome a new baby into the world. There are many things we strive to teach in our comprehensive childbirth education classes. From nutrition and exercise for mom, to common tests and procedures, to learning to relax as a couple, we teach a truly comprehensive childbirth class.

One of the results of this all encompassing childbirth class is that our students have a lower cesarean section rate than the national average. And we feel that when they do need medication or surgery to assist in the healthiest birth possible for them, they are better prepared for this situation and hopefully more at peace with their birth, no matter how it goes.

We are proud to present the statistics for our students (both online and live classes) for 2014.

What do students get from their Birth Boot Camp childbirth class that helps make it so effective?

– 10 weeks of instruction-

Each series is 10 classes. Yes, we know that you can take a shorter birth class, but we don’t feel they are nearly as effective. There is so much to learn about when it comes to birth, and we want our students to be prepared for all of it. This reduces fear and raises awareness. It also gives couples time to get to know each other and communicate together and with their birth team.

– Field Manual-

Yes, not only do our students show up for 10 weeks, but they do their homework! This is part of the reason why the class is so effective. We truly believe that education can help you have an amazing birth. And the homework is worth it!


We realize that no matter how the birth goes, having a baby is about so much more than just the birth. Breastfeeding preparation is a huge part of what we do. Every student receives a breastfeeding download, “Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE” as part of their series. This is theirs to keep forever and is so helpful in achieving a successful breastfeeding relationship.

Join a class near your or take our online class to maximize your chances of an amazing birth!

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Tara Southers
Tara Southers
7 years ago

Hi there! I remember the online classes mentioning something about a way to share your birth story with BBC for your statistics? We gave birth last week and I just wanted to share –


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