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Let’s meet Liz…

I have 3 beautiful young children (and 1 lost to miscarriage), and have had each of them in the hospital, 2 with a primary care provider and 1 with a nurse- midwife. My births have all been unmedicated and supported by a doula and my sweet husband. I have experienced and overcome tongue tie, oversupply, postpartum depression, and the frustration of isolation as a new mother. The journey of parenthood has really been transformative, which is why I want to help other couples who are in the thick of it.

What first got you interested in birth work?

In addition to birth work, I am also a Certified FertilityCare Practitioner. I am grateful for my own wonderful birth experiences. Due to my work with many couples prior to their conception (I assist with family planning or infertility care), I am in contact with many new parents. These couples were returning to me for postpartum charting instruction expressing their frustration with their birth experiences. I wanted to help change that and increase access to information and education about natural and physiologic birth and pregnancy in my community to the couples I serve and others in my community.

Do you have any particular passions concerning birth?

Catholic and Christian moms, pregnancy after infertility, miscarriage, and loss, and high risk pregnancies

Why did you choose Birth Boot Camp as your certifying organization?

I love Birth Boot Camp’s approach to equip our students with a toolbox of experiences, information, and practice for pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum time. I enjoy connecting students with local area resources and I love that we offer engaging online class options too. I met a Birth Boot Camp instructor, Cara Mehlon, and after hearing about the curriculum, I was hooked.

Tell us a little about your Birth Boot Camp training experience?

I was trained by Amy Anderson in October 2017. One of my favorite things about the course work prior to training was getting to sit in on births. I had no idea how much I had to learn from seeing someone’s birth other than my own. The raw emotions, the true grit, the energy in the room was incredible to witness. During training, I enjoyed learning how to explain the stages of labor and how to teach in an effective way using demonstrations, teaching tools, and how to present the curriculum. I am so grateful for Amy’s wisdom and experience as a doula and an instructor.

Tell us about your classes, how they are going, and what you most love about teaching.

So far, I have taught the 6-week hospital birth class, Reboot refresher class, Comfort Measures class, and am currently teaching my second 10-week comprehensive class series. It is neat to watch the relationships growing between the couples as we journey through the exciting topics. I am looking forward to the guest speakers we have coming up. I offer my group classes at a physical therapy office and I really enjoy when the owner and physical therapist Elaine Morrison, PT speaks on pushing, tearing, pelvic floor muscles, and postpartum healing. She helps them understand the importance of physical preparation and postpartum recovery. She really knows her stuff!

How did your training help prepare you for teaching?

It made me confident and informed and gave me a community of teacher colleagues who support and encourage each other! My training continues to encourage me to be the best instructor I can for those who come to my classes and spread awareness in my community.

“My wife and I recently took a Birth Boot Camp with Liz. It was an intensive, but very informative class. My wife and I are expecting our first and we learned so much in this class that we would not have learned from the standard hospital courses. With a practical handbook as our guide, the class combined hands on activities, engaging media, and community learning. I feel much more equipped to support my wife on this journey together. Thanks, Liz!” -Scott Williams

Looking for a childbirth class near Zionsville, IN? Contact Liz today!

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