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Make 2023 your year to put your dreams into action! Being a childbirth educator is a fulfilling career and easy to work with a young family. Certifying with Birth Boot Camp is the smartest choice you can make when it comes to choosing your organization and curriculum.

Top 10 Reasons to Certify with Birth Boot Camp:

  1. Coursework is completed before your workshop which puts everyone on the same page. Our focus at the workshop is learning how to teach the various classes.
  2. Lactation training is included.
  3. Birth Boot Camp curriculum is complete, current, and we have the best materials in the industry.
  4. Our training workshop is well-rounded and prepares you to be an amazing instructor and small business owner.
  5. Extra expenses are minimal. We are a one-stop shop! Birth videos, photography for your website, outlines for class, etc. are included.
  6. Yearly recertification provides variety and helps you grow as an instructor year after year.
  7. Trainings are held all over the United States. Below, check out the cities we are holding trainings in 2023!
  8. Instructors can utilize the online classes in their Comprehensive live class.
  9. Birth Boot Camp offers a variety of classes to teach year-round or just 2 or 3 every couple of months. Your choice! Plus, ways to make money through our affiliate program.
  10. Ongoing support from your trainers, other instructors, and our Advisory Board.

What our Instructors say about being a part of Birth Boot Camp:

“I don’t have to do it all alone. I have all the support I need, as well as some amazing, up to date research material to offer to my students.” – Caren Nugent, Arlington, TX Doula & Educator

“Having an organization like BBC to stand behind you, offering support and education is so important. I love that I can come to those more experienced and receive mentorship, along with a sisterhood of women who understand. Plus, we have some incredible marketing materials.” – Sierra Smith, Canby, OR Educator

“Birth Boot Camp was the perfect fit for me because after looking at so many curriculums, Birth Boot Camp was the only one that truly enlightens parents to their options and teaches a variety of tools so they can tailor their experience to be their dream birth.” – Katie Tighe, teaching in MD

Check out our 2023 Training Schedule

The Birth Boot Camp family is a special one, and we look forward to welcoming you.

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More Testimonials from our Instructors:

“(I love) the support and integrity from the staff that runs the company and the knowledge and empowerment that the curriculum gives to the expectant families.” – Rachel Pankratz, Spring, TX

“Birth Boot Camp is a network of birth workers that will support you, challenge you, and love you. Their curriculum and promotional materials are top notch, and you don’t have to create anything to market your business, it’s provided to you through your certification. They set you up to launch your business, it just takes determination and grit from you.” – Emily Brister

“It’s one of the most (if not the most) comprehensive and holistic childbirth education curricula I’ve ever seen. Before I found BBC, I had done a lot of personal research and had taken two other childbirth classes and when I found BBC, I was definitely checking to see if BBC covered “all the topics,” and they do! Bonus is this network of educators and doulas that come along with it!!” – Megan Ciampa, Florida Instructor

“All of the amazing, professional materials and supplies directly available. Everything you need to make your business successful is readily available (class PowerPoints, business cards, promotional brochures, T-shirts, mugs, etc.) I can’t imagine if I had to spend the time and energy to make all of that.”  – Erica Bullard

“Birth Boot Camp makes me look good and is the best preparation for expecting couples out there! I am so grateful for the thoughtful and intentional network of community and support. I don’t have to recreate the wheel with Birth Boot Camp, and they challenge me to constantly learn and develop my skills to be the best instructor I can be.” – Liz Escoffery


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