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California Training Wrap-Up!

By December 17, 2013No Comments

Sept-2013-GroupIn September, Birth Boot Camp hit the road and did an instructor training workshop in beautiful southern California.  We are so excited to welcome all our new west coast Birth Boot Camp instructors!

We had a lot of demand to venture away from Texas to do an instructor  training, but what finally sold us was this unbelievable ocean view. wink wink

We had a great time in San Clemente, CA with our newest instructors.  We learned together.

 We practiced some relaxation techniques together, so that our future instructors could better teach those wonderful dads who take their classes.

Afterwards, they even said nice things about us.

“I thought it was a well-balanced presentation of content, Q & A, and special circumstances.”

“There are so many resources that support us as instructors!”

“Having the workshop be the final step for all of us made all the difference.”

“The pre-workshop reading was so beneficial and even though it was so much work it was great for all of us to be on the same page with our knowledge during the training.”

(We require all of our instructors to do their learning before the training.  All 11 of the required books must be read and reported on.  This ensures that all trainees have the same knowledge base and are able to begin teaching almost immediately after their training.)

“I am really excited about the materials, the videos, and how easily it is all organized…wow!”

(Included in the price of training are birth videos and extra resources for your class.  Instructors don’t need to spend more money purchasing extra materials, except for manuals for their students, in order to teach.)

“Thank you for making this all happen. I hope it was as meaningful/successful for you as it was for me. I am so proud to be a part of this movement.”

“After looking at many education/instructor trainings, I really feel this is the most well-rounded, modern and balanced training.”

“After having watched childbirth classes that taught a “method,” I am really excited to bring a class home that gives couples the tool box.”

(One thing we pride ourselves on is not being a “method.”  Our students learn dozens and dozens of tools, so that they can have their best birth.  We don’t expect them to fit into any mold.)

The entire Birth Boot Camp team was thrilled to meet everybody!


We love our instructors and know they are the best in the business.  If you are interested in becoming a natural birth instructor with Birth Boot Camp, will be traveling all over the country in 2014.  You can find us in Houston, Texas in February, Indianapolis, Indiana in June and Orlando, Florida in October.  We would love to have you join us!

Curious to learn more about Birth Boot Camp and our natural childbirth classes?  We have an online birth class option and natural childbirth educators in your area.  We also offer a comprehensive two disk breastfeeding DVD, Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE.

Birth Boot Camp- Training Couples in Natural Birth

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