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This story is from Kristine Stringer, who took a Birth Boot Camp childbirth class with one of our amazing instructors, Rachel Pankratz.

“I woke up at 5:30 and noticed my water had broke. I wasn’t having contractions yet so I just continued doing what I do everyday. I was making my husbands lunch and at 6 I started having contractions. I told my husband that we were going to have a baby that day, but we with both believed we had plenty time, so he went to work. My contractions started out about 6 minutes apart lasting 45 seconds. I was being very passive and didn’t really believe that 4-1-1 was going to be true for be considering how close together my contractions started.

By 8:20 my contractions jumped to 3 minutes apart lasting a minute, so I called my husband and demanded he come home and called our midwife. Her ETA was one hour. My contractions at this point were unbearable. My mom and mother in law were with me, but they were asking open ended questions and didn’t really know how to help. I started a bath to give myself something to do while having contractions and as I lay in the tub, I felt the need to push. I tried not to but during each contraction, my body made me push. During each contraction I thought of the birth affirmations I had learned “I can do anything for a minute” and that helped me get through each contraction until my husband got home at 9.

When he got home I told him I needed to push, he said “Well, push!” and he took off my bathing suit bottoms. As he emptied the tub I got up on my knees. Gravity immediately took over and I told him “You’re going to have to catch him.” He looked so confused for a minute but started unlacing his boots. He got behind me and I started pushing. After 2 contractions I had delivered my baby boy into my husbands hands. I’m so thankful for all I learned in Birth Boot Camp which helped us successfully and confidently deliver our baby boy. 3 minutes later our midwife arrived at 9:20 and helped me deliver the placenta – which was the hard part!!”

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