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Protein in Pregnancy

Does protein matter in pregnancy? Many women and care providers feel that it does. Any body builder knows that to build a healthy body he or she must get adequate protein. Some feel that the same is true for a woman building a baby body.   Many women report that when they get adequate protein […]

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Thinking About Homebirth – Where to Begin

Are you thinking about a home birth but wondering how to get started? Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling.   First, decide what you are looking for in a midwife. What things do you feel you will need at your birth in order to feel safe and happy? What kind of […]

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Getting Enough Iron in Pregnancy

Many women struggle during pregnancy with anemia or iron deficiency. Diet can often be helpful in improving this. Having adequate iron is important for lots of reasons. Women who have low levels of iron are often tired. In addition, very low iron levels can impact your labor and birth and even increase postpartum hemorrhage. Here […]

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Breastfeeding in Public With Ease

Many new mothers worry about the first nursing session in public with their new baby.  This does not have to be a stressful time though, if mom is comfortable and prepared. One thing you can do to prepare is to practice!  Nursing in front of a bedroom mirror may show you how covered you already […]

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Using a Midwife (Types of Midwives)

Many women desire the benefits of midwifery care for their pregnancy but become overwhelmed when they start to look into it and find that there are many different types of midwives to choose from. While options, certifications, and even legality vary from one state to another and from one country to the next, here are […]

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Morning Sickness Solutions

Many women struggle with morning sickness while pregnant. This nausea upon waking can vary greatly, from a mild irritation to being so bad that hospitalization is necessary. For some women, morning sickness isn’t just morning sickness, it is all day long sickness. Luckily there are little tricks that can help ease and even eliminate the […]

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Choosing a Birth Photographer

Birth is one of life’s most amazing events. It is natural to want to capture it in images that can be shared and enjoyed for years to come. How should you choose the best birth photographer for you? Ask your childbirth educator who she recommends. As a professional in your community, she will have contacts […]

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5 Ways to Avoid a C-Section

The C-section rate is currently  just over  30% in the US and many women wonder how they can avoid this surgery for their birth.  This number is so big it can feel like we are powerless to do anything to prevent a cesarean. There are things that do help women lower their chance of c-section. […]

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