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Birth Classes in Keller, TX

When we first met Jillian Blakeman, we were pretty sure there was something special about her. She is funny and knows how to command the attention of a room. Since she certified she has taught many couples and is a beloved instructor. If you are birthing near her, don’t forget to take her birth classes in Keller, TX!

Welcome Jillian!

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your birth experiences.

I am a teacher at heart. It’s the very best of who I am. I began my first paid tutoring job at twelve, and continued tutoring math through high school. I’ve taught horseback riding lessons, floral design, personal finance, and six years of high school Physics and AP Biology. I’m pretty sure I could teach a dog to knit.

When I’m not teaching I enjoy watching my goats, Post-Impressionism art, and bike tours in foreign cities with my husband of eight years.
birth classes in keller, tx
We’ve had two amazing home births attended by doulas and midwives. The first was an outdoor birth observed by my ancient horse. The second was inside my home, observed by my three year-old son.

Between the two births, I became a Birth Boot Camp instructor.

Though both were great births, the difference in how we felt, what we did, and how we handled labor was huge. We had very little education for our first birth, and mountains of preparation for our second.

Even though the second birth was physically more challenging, it was a better experience for us both. The contrast of the two births created a new appreciation for what Birth Boot Camp classes provide.

Do you have any particular passions concerning birth?

Dads. I love the reluctant fathers that get dragged to spend ten weeks in what they perceive to be a “chick class”.
It doesn’t take them long to realize that this is their class, too. This is their wife, their baby, their birth, and they have a big role.

When it clicks, when they see how important they are in this process, it is fantastic.

Why did you choose Birth Boot Camp as your certifying organization?

It came highly recommended by my midwives; they said it was the best.

birth classes in keller, tx

Tell us a little about your Birth Boot Camp training experience- what did you like about it, where was it, who was your trainer?

I trained with Donna Ryan and Sarah Clark in Grapevine. It was a great experience. I left totally prepared to run my business and teach the Birth Boot Camp curriculum–which I did four weeks after my training!

Tell us about your classes, how they are going, and what you most love about teaching birth classes in Keller, TX.

Teaching classes is going smashingly. I’m so excited to be gearing up for my twelfth series. Thursday nights are one of the highlights of my week.

birth classes in keller, TX
Watching couples work together in labor rehearsals, and hearing them talk about their upcoming births is the best. Seeing them unify in class shows me how well they will work together in labor.

How did your training help prepare you for teaching?

I love that the precertification work is almost grueling. It is thorough. When you get done, you know your stuff. It allows the training to be focused on how to actually teach the class. You do not need to be an experienced educator to successfully use their curriculum.

You can walk out of training and teach a class next week.

What are Jillian’s students saying about her?

I am on my fourth pregnancy and this class has still been highly educational and a wonderful experience. It is a must for all first time moms! Wish I would’ve gone through the course before my first. The instructor, Jillian, is awesome and will definitely make you laugh! I love being able to have this time with my husband learning, putting skills into practice, and experiencing relaxation techniques. It truly helps us bond and be reunited as one for this new little bundle of joy to come into the world.
-Dawn Blevins

Jillian teaches birth classes in Keller, TX. You can also find her:

Via email: [email protected]

On the web at: Http://

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