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birth classes in Granbury, TX

Introducing Katy Temple! She is one of our beloved Texas instructors and she teaches birth classes in Granbury, TX. We adore our instructors and doulas and want them to succeed and feel supported so we give them the opportunity to do an interview like this so we can introduce them to you! Birthing people deserve an amazing birth and finding the right birth teacher for you can help you get it.

Welcome Katy!

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your birth experiences.

I am wife to Gene and mom to Sy, who is 19 months, and dog-mom to Presley. We took Birth Boot Camp in preparation for our birth center birth in 2015, but at 42 weeks and 2 days, I was finally induced and we ended up with a hospital birth.

birth classes in Granbury, TX

It took a lot of hard work, but 24 hours later I delivered our son in a birthing tub and my husband caught him! Definitely not what we were expecting, but we felt confident in whatever setting was necessary thanks to the education we received.

What first got you interested in birth work?

I watched The Business of Being Born a year and a half before we even started trying and was mesmerized by birth! After we had him, however, I quickly realized how needed the education was.

Do you have any particular passions concerning birth?

I think I’m most passionate about first-time parents. Couples should know that they have options and they have a voice. My passion is giving them the tools to make confident and informed decisions instead of simply getting put through a system and experiencing a cascade of interventions.

birth classes in granbury, tx

Why did you choose Birth Boot Camp as your certifying organization?

When we took the class I knew there was something different. It wasn’t a method or an exercise. It was knowledge.

And knowledge is power!

Birth Boot Camp empowers couples and that is exactly what I want to do!

Tell us a little about your Birth Boot Camp training experience- what did you like about it, where was it, who was your trainer?

I attended the October 2016 training in Grapevine, TX with Donna Ryan and Sarah Clark (and the rest of the amazing board members!). It was absolutely incredible!!!! The tools we learned to better teach and help couples, as well as the bond formed with the other trainees, was off the charts.

birth classes in Granbury, TX

I still talk with and even meet up with other instructors that were there, and I think I can speak for pretty much all of them when I say that we left even more excited, prepared, and passionate about this amazing curriculum.

How did your childbirth educator training help prepare you for teaching?

Training really helped by allowing us to practice teaching the different classes and receiving instant feedback and suggestions. Instead of just throwing us to the wolves, they took time to go through each class and help us feel more confident in teaching on the different subjects. Whenever we got stuck or didn’t know how to word something, there was a whole room full of teammates ready to help us out.

We are a team and we all want everyone to succeed.

Are you looking to take a childbirth class in Granbury, TX? You can find Katy Temple:

On Facebook at:

On her website at:

Or contact her via email at: [email protected]

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