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We know you all agree with us when we say that 2020 has been crazy! We’ve all been stretched to the max and we’ve had to adjust and adapt as current events have continued to unfold over the past year. We’ve had to adjust how we do some things here at Birth Boot Camp too! Here are some the highlights of 2020 for Birth Boot Camp.

New Headquarters Team

In January we reorganized and added a new team member to our Headquarters Team. We made lots of plans for 2020, but we all know how well those likely turned out.

Our HQ team is pretty amazing. They work so hard every day to ensure that things at Birth Boot Camp are running smoothly behind the scenes.

Online Classes Have Been 50% OFF

In March when things began to close, we quickly learned that hospitals were cancelling their childbirth classes and we knew we needed to do something to make our classes accessible to everyone that now found that they couldn’t attend the classes they had been looking forward to.

Because of COVID our online childbirth classes have been 50% OFF to ease the burdens that have been placed on families. Babies are still being born during these unprecedented times and their parents still want to have amazing births. Our online classes have been perfect for those that needed an at home option. Our classes continue to remain 50% OFF until things start to turn around.


Hybrid Class Options

When everything began closing down, we were also concerned for our instructors and the effect that restrictions would have on their businesses and livelihood. In response, we created a hybrid class option so that couples can have the best of both worlds.

When a couple signs up for a hybrid class, they receive access to our professionally, filmed and edited online classes while also receiving the additional support from a local instructor via a weekly or biweekly virtual meet up. They can still receive local referrals, build community with other couples, and ask questions.

Increased the Number of ONLINE Doula & Childbirth Educator Trainings

Because of COVID we have also added more online doula and childbirth educator trainings to our schedule. We are striving to make our trainings accessible to more people and we know that an in-person training isn’t always possible for everyone right now.

Our online trainings are taught by a member of our Headquarters team. They are taught live on GoToMeeting and we strive to make them as close to our in-person trainings as possible. We hope you’ll join us at a doula and/ or childbirth educator training soon!


Held 24 Trainings

Even amongst all of the uncertainty we were able to have 12 in-person doula trainings and 12 in-person childbirth educator trainings! We welcomed so many amazing women to the Birth Boot Camp family and we look forward to welcoming more in 2021! Check out all of our 2021 training dates and sign-up today.

2021 Doula Training Dates

2021 Childbirth Educator Training Dates


If you’d like to follow along with us in 2021, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. We have many exciting things in store for 2021.

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