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Birth Boot Camp Statistics 2012-2013

By January 14, 2014One Comment

Birth Boot Camp ® childbirth classes strive to prepare couples for natural birth. In an effort to continually improve our curriculum and provide the absolute best education available, we seek feedback from our students.

Our instructors are required to compile statistics from their students. As a company, we spend many hours reaching out to our online students to find out how their births went and their thoughts on the class. We compile all of the information we receive and use it to make updates and improvements.


At the time of this posting, we have received reports on 359 students, total.

Without further ado, we present the current Birth Boot Camp statistics:

In contrast, the national US C-section rate is 32.8%. (Source, CDC.)

The overall US epidural rate is 61%. (Source, CDC.)

We are excited that we can offer an education that can help families have the birth that they desire.

You CAN have an amazing birth! Education makes the difference.

Curious to learn more about Birth Boot Camp and our natural childbirth classes? We have an online birth class option and/or natural childbirth instructors in your area. We also offer a comprehensive, 2-disk breastfeeding DVD, “Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE.”


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Susan Hetler
Susan Hetler
9 years ago


Medicated and surgical births:
93.8% US rate
31% Birth Boot Camp rate

Unmediated vaginal births:
6.2% US rate
69% Birth Boot Camp rate