Birth Boot Camp Regional Instructor Trainer in Oregon!

June 6, 2016

 Birth Boot Camp Regional Instructor Trainer in Oregon

Birth Boot Camp Regional Instructor Trainer in Oregon!

We are pleased to introduce Melissa Meyer to you! She will be our West Coast Birth Boot Camp Regional Trainer, based out of Corvallis, Oregon. Melissa was in one of the very first instructor trainings and one of the first people to apply when we opened up the regional trainer positions to our instructors.
Melissa is a multi-talented, gentle, and hardworking woman. She is doing incredible stuff for birth up in Oregon, even helping start a birth network.
We love her and you will too! Can’t wait to watch Melissa grow the West Coast Region with passionate and knowledgeable Birth Boot Camp instructors!

Keep reading to learn how Melissa became a Birth Boot Camp Regional Trainer!


I always knew I wanted children.  

I never really gave any thought to how they would be born. When I was in college some friends and I were talking about childbirth.

“Give me drugs as soon as I go into labor!” I said.

Jump ahead a few years and a little movie came out by Ricki Lake. It was called  The Business of Being Born. It changed my life but I wouldn’t realize it for a few years.

Only just missing my period, I went to the doctor to confirm pregnancy and then on to the recommended OB. I spent my first appointment mainly talking to the nurse about the many tests I would be given. My OB appointments were spent mostly waiting for her to come to my room just to leave again to visit another patient while I was getting undressed.

She never asked me my plan for birth.

 She even joked once about a “pain free labor” because of the “good drugs.” She just assumed I would be getting an epidural.

By 20 weeks I knew this wasn’t the place for me.  I knew I wanted more from my birth.  

I knew I deserved more.

I found a Birthing Center, took a tour and  transferred  my care. My midwives were wonderful. They spent time with me, answered all my questions and listened to my concerns.

birth boot camp regional trainer in oregon

I went on to have two beautiful babies there, two years and two weeks apart. Our third baby was born right at home.

My first birth experience catapulted me into the desire to become a birth educator.

I knew as soon as my first was born that I wanted to educate other couples on the normal, natural process of birth and breastfeeding. The birth class we took was not that great and I knew I could do a better job. I just had to find the right program to teach.

Melissa's three children, shortly after the youngest was born.

I spent YEARS looking for just the right one.

None of the programs I could find really had everything I wanted: up-to-date, evidenced based information that followed the CIMS Mother Friendly Childbirth Initiative, a prepared workbook that the students could take home and instructor support on how to teach the class and run a successful business.

Then in March 2012 Birth Boot Camp launched.

I knew immediately that it was the program for me. I had followed the blogs of the founders- Banned From Baby Showers, Donna Ryan and Mama Birth, Sarah Clark- for years. Their philosophies of birth were just like mine and I knew they had created an excellent program. I jumped on it and signed up for the November 2012 training.

Birth Boot Camp regional trainer in oregon

Melissa, teaching her own childbirth class in Oregon.

For the past 4 years while teaching the 10 week classes I have witness the transformation of so many couples. They join the first class excited and hopeful but scared and unprepared for birth.

The classes guide them toward the realization that they CAN have an amazing birth and the partners CAN support them throughout pregnancy and labor.

As the company continues to grow and improve I am honored to be a part of it and excited to start the journey into not only teaching childbirth classes but now to train others how to teach classes to couples in their communities.

I am excited to start offering Birth Boot Camp Instructor Training in the breathtaking West Coast. Join me in the Pacific North West in beautiful, historic Corvallis, Oregon and become a childbirth educator.


You can find training dates and places for all Birth Boot Camp childbirth educator trainings, here.

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