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Birth Boot Camp Online Birth Classes

Comprehensive Birth Class

This 10-session series is perfect for first-time parents, couples planning a natural birth, and couples seeking a VBAC. This class includes everything taught in our other classes! It has the most information and is the best deal! Labor practice, comfort measures, tests & procedures, interventions, exercise and nutrition, and SO much more! You can learn more about the comprehensive series here.

Home & Birth Center Birth Class

This 5-session online class helps prepare you for the out-of-hospital birth of your dreams. With specific information geared for and from women who have birthed outside the hospital, you will have knowledge and experience from those who know. Labor practice, comfort techniques, and tips for your home or birth center birth are all included. You can learn more about the home & birth center online birth class here. 

Hospital Birth Class

If you are preparing for a hospital birth but don’t want or need the full 10-week comprehensive class, the online hospital birth class is perfect for you. It covers interventions, tests, and procedures common in the hospital, so you can be confident and excited about your amazing hospital birth! You can learn more about the hospital birth online birth class here. 

Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE

Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE is not new, but the format is and it’s better than ever. We have made it better, easier to navigate, and broken in into workable chunks. You will love this incredible information and how it helps prepare you for an amazing breastfeeding relationship. You can learn more about Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE here.


Whatever you are looking for, you can find an incredible online birth class option that helps you prepare for your growing family. You can have access to amazing childbirth preparation. We can help!

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