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Birth Boot Camp Love

As Birth Boot Camp has grown, we have had the privilege of meeting and learning from hundreds of incredible people. They are have changed and improved us as a company and we feel nothing but grateful for the impact they have had on us individually and collectively.

We are also deeply grateful for the kind things that these women have said about us and our organization. We want to share some of these thoughts with you today.

Our People

Our people- the instructors and doulas that makeup Birth Boot Camp- are truly exceptional. We are so honored that they chose us and in constant awe of the support, they show one another. It’s a beautiful thing to see birth workers truly working together, across the country, to help and lift each other in business, personal, and family life.

birth boot camp love

birth boot camp love


Online communities are wonderful in that people can connect from across the world who share common values. They can also be rough because speaking from behind a screen sometimes allows us to forget the real person behind the comments.

We are grateful to say this negativity does not find its way to Birth Boot Camp. If we had to choose one word to describe how our people act, it would be supportive. They truly provide this for one another. The work and birth culture they create together is awesome.

birth boot camp love

birth boot camp love

Our Founder

Donna Ryan is our founder and fearless leader. She shines in her ability to connect with people in a real and individual way. It’s really wonderful that she is able to do this despite our rapid growth. We love hearing this kind of feedback.

PS- Donna did not write this post!

Birth Boot Camp Love


birth boot camp love

Our Headquarters Team

Behind the scenes at Birth Boot Camp is the Headquarters team. They strive to improve curriculum, support our instructors and doulas, and push for perfection on a daily basis. They work for all those who choose to join Birth Boot Camp and it makes a difference!

birth boot camp love

birth boot camp l ove

Lifting All

Our main goal at Birth Boot Camp is more amazing births and more amazing birth businesses. But, the process of getting there something magical happens. We lift one another. We form friendships. We find ourselves improved as we strive to lift others.

With a passion for service and helping others, we find our own lives improved beyond what we could have imagined.

This is the beauty of the work we do.

birth boot camp love

birth boot camp love

A heartfelt thanks to all thousands of instructors, doulas, students, clients, and professionals we have worked with over the years. We believe that what we are doing goes far beyond birth.

Amazing birth. Amazing people. Amazing opportunities.

That’s what we call a good life.

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