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“Birth Boot Camp enriched me as a doula in so many ways. I loved the reading and modules we did before class. My favorite part of the online modules was watching the same online childbirth classes that we would be telling our clients about. It is easy to recommend a childbirth class you have seen yourself! My doula business gained a lot of value because of the BBC resources available to me and my clients. All of the BBC materials are so nicely branded and easy to access. I learned a lot not only as a doula, but as a business owner.

The doula workshop itself was very hands-on. I loved the critical thinking exercises and scenarios we were presented with. Working through those scenarios with other doulas/doulas in training was very helpful.

The ongoing BBC doula support available to me is so nice. I also love the fact that I was automatically certified upon completion of the workshop. I would highly recommend Birth Boot Camp for anyone wanting to become a doula!” – Corrine Aarestad

Corrine Aarestad is a doula in Buffalo, MN. You can find her at

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