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Birth Boot Camp Announces Birth Boot Camp DOULA

By August 11, 2014May 17th, 2018No Comments

Birth Boot Camp Announces…Birth Boot Camp DOULA!

Birth Boot Camp has been growing and maturing and we couldn’t be happier with our journey so far. Today we have a special guest post and announcement by our very own founder, Donna Ryan.  Keep reading to find out the next project we are embarking on in our mission to help prepare couples for natural birth!

video_doulaThis post has been over a year in the making. We’ve been running the Instructor program and online classes since March 2012, but after many conversations with doulas, doulas-in-training, and especially instructors who went through the Birth Boot Camp instructor training wanting to also become doulas, we are proud to announce this amazing doula certification program.

As the founder of Birth Boot Camp, I am the first to admit that I am not a doula. But I am familiar with the available programs and, if I may, what they are lacking. Myself, along with a team of AMAZING people, came up with a program that has all the components of a one-of-a-kind doula program — all for one price.

Now, allow me to tell you what sets Birth Boot Camp DOULA apart from other programs:

1. We are streamlined.

Our doulas do not have to look for their own childbirth class to get educated. Birth Boot Camp DOULAS will have 5 weeks access to the 10-week Birth Boot Camp online classes. We believe in all Birth Boot Camp-trained doulas being on the same page, so to speak. With a solid education, they are ready to move forward in becoming a doula.

2. We provide Birth Boot Camp DOULAS with breastfeeding education.

Not only will they receive Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE, our 3+ hour DVD taught by IBCLC Mellanie Sheppard, Mellanie will be at the training workshop to teach her Breastfeeding Intensive for Birth Professionals class as well!

3. Birth Boot Camp DOULAS have unlimited access to our professional marketing videos once they complete their training.

This is invaluable in growing and maintaining your doula business. As you learn and wish to grow more as a business, Birth Boot Camp will be there for you with support and continuing marketing education along the way. This will be accessible and pertain directly to running a birth-related small business.

4. Birth Camp DOULAS have all their contracts and materials available on the Birth Boot Camp Store once their training is complete.

You will have the things you need for your clients in an easy to access and professional format.

5. All clients of a Birth Boot Camp DOULA will receive the 28-page Supporting Arms book.

Beautifully laid out and packed with useful information for clients, it covers a variety of topics discussed in the 2 prenatal meetings, labor, and the postpartum visit. It’s a wonderful supplement to the Field Manual students get in their Birth Boot Camp class. A Birth Boot Camp DOULA never has to make copies!

6. Read all about the requirements and reading list to become a Birth Boot Camp DOULA, as well as the Step-by-Step Process to becoming certified.

We have tried to make the process of becoming a doula with us as transparent and easy to understand as possible. You can read all about it on our website!

7. The last thing I want to mention is about our tagline, Supporting Families in Natural Birth.

Over the years, I’ve heard so many doulas say they became a doula because they wanted to help women have a natural birth. Women often hire a doula because they want a natural birth. Why not hire a doula who is trained specifically to help families achieve a natural birth? Birth Boot Camp DOULAS are trained to help families do just that. I don’t need to tell anyone that birth sometimes doesn’t go as planned, and Birth Boot Camp DOULAS are also trained in handling unexpected or unplanned birth situations. They also have ongoing support and training from Birth Boot Camp Headquarters.

Expect lots of exciting and new stuff from Birth Boot Camp in the coming days and weeks. With the new website, we are also launching BRAND NEW ONLINE CLASSES! But we’ll save that for another blog post…

Apply TODAY to become a Birth Boot Camp DOULA!

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