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  • March 24th: Birth Boot Camp launch party!
  • March 26th: Everything went live, and the big announcement was made.
  • We held our very first instructor trainings in June, September, and October.


  • We grew quickly as we held four more instructor trainings this year!
  • Attended the Association of Texas Midwives Conference.


  • We held even more instructor trainings!
  • Our online classes were refilmed by Donna Ryan and Sarah Clark.
  • The doula training program was launched in November.
  • Attended the Midwives Alliance of North America Conference.







  • Held more instructor and doula trainings.
  • We held our first Birth Boot Camp retreat with more than 70 people present!
  • Attended the Association of Texas Midwives Conference.







  • Big updates were made to our classes and instructor manuals.
  • We trained our first batch of trainers!


  • We changed our tagline from focusing on natural birth to having an amazing birth.
  • New classes were created and released in the Fall with new outlines and workbooks.
  • Citations were added to our workbooks



  • We held our second Birth Boot Camp retreat!
  • Attended the American Association of Birth Centers Conference.
  • Began working with Marketing Tea to have the best videos ever!





  • Recorded lots of promo videos and interviews with Marketing Tea.
  • Recorded new online classes with Donna Ryan and Hailie Wolfe.




  • All the instructor outlines and PowerPoints were redone and updated.
  • We updated our doula handbook.
  • We created and released a new one-day Basic Training class.


  • Hollie Hauptly became the new owner and CEO of Birth Boot Camp!
  • We started the Birth Boot Camp podcast (go subscribe!)
  • We filmed and released our brand-new online trainings.
  • Our postpartum doula program was created and launched with our first training held in October.





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Mandy Hancock
Mandy Hancock
1 year ago

AHMAZIIIING!!!! So honored to be a part of this incredible company!!!