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It’s International Childbirth Education Week! We’re celebrating this week by talking about all things childbirth education. We wanted to share with everyone why we love being childbirth educators!

“I love seeing the “ah ha” moments. The little light bulbs that turn on when they learn something new, and it makes sense.” – Caren Nugent

“I love seeing partners become more involved in the pregnancy, and how much more confident couples are after taking a class.” – Amy Anderson

“I love being a childbirth educator because it’s both fun and meaningful! It’s a really great time sitting in a group with people who are all preparing for this same big, fascinating, significant, intense event together. Helping them figure out what is going to make their birth the best for them is so worthwhile. Seeing how they use that information to birth their babies in an informed and empowered way is incredibly satisfying.” – Molly Grace

“I love seeing the relationships grow and change throughout the class, not just between mom and her partner, but everyone in the class. The community created in each class is beautiful and it’s just amazing to be a part of it! The sense of excitement in the room as we wrap up on the last day is pretty awesome too.” – Melissa Ritchie

Erin Beth Birth Photography

“I love helping to demystify birth. I love making it less scary. I love seeing people think to themselves “oh! I can do this!” – Kayte Gardner

“I love teaching a class where the final matters.” – Jillian Blakeman

“I love teaching, because knowledge is power. That “power” typically comes alive through their confidence and determination at births.” – Hanan Webster

“I love teaching couples to take power back for themselves. To help them make choices that are best for them and be confident in those choices. I love watching partners become confident in supporting mom. Confident in gaining knowledge about the birth process.” – Andrea Brannock

Erin Beth Birth Photography

“I love teaching because I get to talk about something I’m passionate about. I love watching the couples grow from week to week – their knowledge, their relationship, and their enthusiasm. By the end of class, they know they are ready for the biggest adventure of their lives!” – Cheryl Amelang

“I love teaching because I truly believe knowledge is power. I absolutely love watching the confidence and connection grow between a couple as they create this beautiful birth story becomes a part of their love story.” – Jessica Villella

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