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2021 Childbirth Educator

Training Dates

We have suddenly found ourselves living in a very different world. It is going to take time for life to resemble what we knew before the Coronavirus was a part of our daily lives. This has impacted communities in countless ways.
At Birth Boot Camp we value families and small businesses, and we want to do our part to support them as best we can.
In light of the current economic status, we have lowered our pricing for our Instructor and Doula training programs. In addition, in response to social distancing, we are expanding the ways our instructors and doulas work in their communities and strive to provide the very best support as they grow their businesses and help support their families. We believe in a better world and it starts at birth.
Please note that we are doing our best to ensure that people are able to be trained. If the situation is such that we cannot hold a training, we will move the date or do the training online. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us!


Early Bird Price – Pay $895 ($295 certification fee and $600 training fee) **Early bird pricing is only available to those who register 3 months before the training start date. **Payment plans are available for the training fee.

Regular Price – Pay $995 ($330 certification fee and $665 training fee) **Final deadline to apply for each workshop is 8 weeks prior.

January 18-21, 2021 – Online Training

Trainer – Hollie Hauptly |   Deadline – November 23rd   |   Online Training

February 25-27, 2021 – Dallas, TX

Trainer – Andrea Brannock   |   Deadline – December 29th   |   In-person Training

March 25-27, 2021 – OKC, OK

Trainer – Amy Anderson   |   Deadline – January 28th   |   In-person Training

April  9-11, 2021 – Baltimore, MD

Trainer – Headquarters Team   |   Deadline – February 12th   |   In-person Training

May 17-20, 2021 – Online Training

Trainer – Headquarters Team   |   Deadline – March 22nd   |   Online Training

May 28-30, 2021 – Colorado Springs, CO

Trainer – Jen Valencia   |   Deadline – March 30th   |   In-person Training

June 6-8, 2021 – Spokane, WA

Trainer – Andrea Brannock   |   Deadline – April 11th   |   In-person Training

July 16-18, 2021 – SLC, UT

Trainer – Headquarters Team   |   Deadline – May 20th   |   In-person Training

July 30 – Aug. 1, 2021 – Houston, TX

Trainer – Andrea Brannock   |   Deadine – June4th   |  In-Person Training

August 16-19, 2021 – Online Training

Trainer – Headquarters Team   |   Deadline – June 21st   |   Online Training

October 7-9, 2021 – OKC, OK

Trainer – Amy Anderson   |   Deadline – Aug. 12th   |   In-Person Training

November 3-5, 2021 – Dallas, TX

Trainer – Headquarters Team   |   Deadline – September 8th   |   In-person Training

November 19-21, 2021 – Colorado Springs, CO

Trainer – Jen Valencia   |   Deadline – September 24th   |   In-Person Training

December 13-16, 2021 – Online Training

Trainer – Headquarters Team   |   Deadline – October 18th   |   Online Training

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