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Easy Banana Nut Crunch for the Sweet Tooth

Our recipe this month comes from Hailie Wolfe, a former Birth Boot Camp Doula, instructor, and doula trainer. She is really incredible in a lot of ways, but wow- this recipe is genius! We’ll go ahead and let her introduce it. Enjoy!

When I was pregnant with my 4th baby, I had been teaching elementary school for a few years and had developed a serious sweet tooth from being exposed to goodies in the staff room every single day. This developed into a crazy sugar addiction and I found myself eating a giant bowl of ice cream every night to satisfy my cravings. I gained a LOT of weight that pregnancy and my food choices didn’t exactly portray a vision of health.

Fast forward to my 5th baby. I was planning my first ever homebirth. Not only was I planning on gaining less weight this time around, I also knew I needed to eat better foods if I wanted to stay low risk and have the homebirth I’d always dreamed of. The problem – I was still battling my addiction to sweets.

I came up with this yummy treat to have at nights when I just couldn’t beat the sugar cravings, and it is delicious, healthy, and most importantly, easy.

***a note on ingredients – I recommend finding a good quality nut butter. It doesn’t necessarily have to be organic, but you want to avoid the ones that have lots of not-so-good for you ingredients. I use a brand of peanut butter that only has peanuts and salt in the list of ingredients. For your honey, I suggest finding a local raw honey – it is great for allergies!

This works great as a treat or even as a yummy breakfast high in protein!

Happy eating!

Easy Banana Nut Crunch


1 sliced banana
1 1/2 oz nut butter
1T honey
1/4 Cup sliced almonds
Cinnamon to taste


  1. Slice your banana and toss it in a bowl.
    2. Drizzle your nut butter or try to spread it evenly over your banana. I keep mine in the fridge, so I like to warm it a little first so that it is more manageable.
    3. Drizzle honey over your banana and nut butter.
    4. Sprinkle nuts and cinnamon on top. Get creative if you want! If coconut is more your style, sprinkle that on top!
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