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Valerie Rollo

Valerie Rollo

Waxahachie, Texas
About Me
Hello, I am Valerie and I am super excited to be on this journey in the birthing world. Definitely a world I didn't expect to become a part of. One lightbulb triggered a whole room lit up full of possibilities. 

I began my journey in the birth world when I was seventeen years old. I brought my first son into this world with very little support. My mom was by my side but I had no other direction. I wasn't aware of my choices and they definitely were not informed. My second son came into the world shortly after and again, not much support. I did what I was told and was lead to believe this was the only way to give birth. Several years later, I welcomed my third son into the world with a little bit more information and a lot more support but still not much choice. I had no clue what options were available to me and that natural childbirth was even possible. My mindset was, "I don't have anything to prove so give me the drugs!"

My sister-in-law gave birth naturally a few years later and that is what turned my ear towards the different options of childbirth. I still had the thought of, "if you want to prove that you're all woman, go right ahead but that's not for me." A few years later, I watched 'Call The Midwife' and saw that my sister-in-law completed Doula certification with Birth Boot Camp. I was intrigued and started my research. I had a few chats with her and launched myself full force into the world of childbirth. I have learned so much over the last year and had no clue what options there were to women. That I could have achieve a natural childbirth and seen what my body was supposed to do. What God designed it to do. But that isn't possible for me so I am making it my mission to teach women that they have a choice. That TRUE informed consent is possible and that you can ask questions.

With my husband, kids, and family behind me, I am excited to help whoever God puts in my path to have the amazing birth they are meant to have.
Doula Services Offered
Basic Doula Package

Two in-person birth plan meetings to discuss and prepare for your birth
Unlimited support throughout pregnancy via phone/email/text
Continuous physical and emotional support at your birth for mother and birth partner
On call 24/7 beginning at 38 weeks and access to certified backup doula if necessary
Supporting Arms client workbook
Continued in-person support in the hours immediately postpartum
One postpartum visit in your home within the first week after the baby is born to process the birth
Unlimited phone/email/text support for six weeks postpartum
Investment: $950

**A 50% deposit is due at the time of contract signing. This reserves your date on my calendar and allows me to prepare to support you in the best way possible! The remainder of your investment is due at 36 weeks.

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