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Savannah Eberling

Savannah Eberling

Houston, Katy, Texas
About Me
My name is Savannah Eberling. I have been married to my amazing husband Kellen since September 9, 2005. We have 5 kids here on earth, 3 handsome boys and 2 beautiful girls, as well as 2 angel babies in heaven. I have a passion to help families achieve the birth they want and deserve by listening closely to your needs and doing all that I can to accommodate that. My desire to help families in their birthing process grew more and more after each of my own births, and I want families to have the best birth experience they can have.
Doula Services Offered
Doula Services:
I offer two prenatal visits one being a birth plan visit, on call for birth to provide continuous labor support including the first 2-3 hours after birth to make sure mom and baby are settling in well, and one postpartum visit within the first week of birth.

Belly Binding Services:
Bengkung Belly Binding-Wrapping a woman's postpartum belly to provide physical support to aide in the healing process.
Doula Availability
Now taking clients!

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