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Sanyika Williams

Sanyika Williams

Houston/Katy/Richmond/Greater Houston area , Texas
About Me
As a doula I see moms at their most primal, intimate and vulnerable moments. Let me even the playing field and introduce myself.
My name is Sanyika pronounced San-yee-kah.
I'm a wife to a super supportive husband
A mother to two little humans
I specialize in prenatal, labor, postpartum & lactation support
Pregnancy (well technically oxyitocin) is my drug and I'm passionate about supporting mothers throughout the process from women to wombmenhood. I am honored to attend every birth to which I'm invited and I recognize it as a sacred space.
I was drawn into the doula profession for the following reasons:
To help moms - through education, support & advocacy

To help black moms - to reduce the maternal & infant mortality rate

To help moms breastfeed - it's harder than it looks

To help moms heal - from baby blues to diastasis recti I don't know it all but I can point you to someone who can. It's all about community :)
No person should birth alone. I would be honored to stand by your side, squeeze your hips and remind you of your strength during your next birth.
Doula Services Offered
My birth services include birth doula, postpartum doula, breastfeeding support, baby wearing, belly casting & postpartum herbal baths. Please contact me for more information.
Doula Availability
Please contact me for doula availability. I offer free virtual consultations to meet an ensure I'm the a good fit for you and your birth team. Now accepting clients due in 2021, both in person and with the option of virtual services during the covid 19 pandemic if your birthing location is not allowing doulas.
Schedule your free virtual consultation here

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