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Natalie Ruby

Natalie Ruby

Boise (Meridian, Kuna, and Eagle) , Idaho
About Me
Congratulations! I believe this is such an exciting time whether this is your first or number fourteen.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first, I was terrified. My husband and I took these classes together to learn more, and my fears gradually left. Since then, I have had three natural births that were wonderful. I have also become an instructor feeling like couple need the oppertunity to become informed so they can choose what is right for them and not choosing to do what they heard was nice for someone else. Your baby, your decision. Do what is right for you.

Take some time as a couple to learn not only that you have options, but what they are. Figure out how you can work together and support each other preparing for the day, on the day, and after the day your beautiful baby is born.

I am currently in Boise and serving the surrounding areas (Meridian, Kuna, and Eagle)
My Class Schedule
Classes will be held Saturdays from 1pm-3pm
(classes will begin again once COVID-19 is no longer an issue. Please check out the online courses if you are wanting a wonderful alternative to live classes)

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