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Mara Sosa

Mara Sosa

Houston, Texas
About Me
Hi. I'm a performing arts instructor and professional who became a medical assistant with the intention of keep studying Natural medicine and midwifery. In 2018, I started all those studies and became a Doula in 2019. I'm still working on the midwifery. Hade three C- sections of three kids, and also three grand kinds. I work in Honduras and Central America, Texas, Puerto Rico. I am open to go anywhere to be part of the great moment of a birth and also to give orientation to families who need it, online or in person.
"A baby is the couples extension of love". Mara
My Class Schedule
By appointment
Doula Services Offered
I offer Services from the first trimester to post partum. I am a massage healer and and I offer my services as it. I am also a Dance instructor so we can have fun dancing a little bit to exercise.
Doula Availability
We are open Monday through Saturday 10 to 6 pm for orientations.
via zoom.

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