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Megan Smith

Megan Smith

Watford City, Williston, Alexander, Arnegard, North Dakota
About Me
Hey Y'all! I am Megan, a Southern raised transplant to the prairie. I have been around birth my whole life having a homebirth midwife for a mother, and I started my journey as a birth assistant right out of high school. I met my husband in North Dakota and we have three beautiful little girls. I gave birth to our twins naturally in the hospital after a homebirth transfer, and got to have my homebirth thirteen months later with our third baby. I love learning about all things natural health related, sewing, vinyl crafts, and dance parties in the kitchen. I am excited to share my love of birth through fun interactive classes, and quality Doula support. I can't wait to meet you!
My Class Schedule
In Person Group Classes $350
In person classes include Homecoming and Breastfeeding workshop.
Febuary 12th-March 26th Hospital Birth
April 9th-May 14th Home and Birth Center
In person classes are held in Watford City on Saturday mornings from 10:00am-12:30pm.

Hybrid Group Classes $275
Watch class video online anytime throughout the week and then virtual meeting for one hour once a week. Breastfeeding video access can be purchased for $50.
Febuary 7th- March 7th Home and Birth Center
March 21st- April 25th Hostpital Birth
May 9th-June 13th Home and Birth Center
Virtual meetings will be held over Zoom on Monday evenings from 7:30pm-8:30pm.

Private In Person Classes
In your home, on your schedule, includes homecoming and breastfeeding workshop. Available for Watford City, Arnegard, Alexander, and Williston.
Home & Birth Center $1,200
Hospital Birth $1.400

Private Hybrid Classes $400
Include access to the breastfeeding videos. Schedule and availability can be discussed.

Cash, Check, Paypal, and Cashapp accepted.
Doula Services Offered
Serving families in Watford City, Williston, Alexander, Arnegard, Dickinson, ND and Sidney MT
I offer a range of support for you and your partner throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum. This includes but is not limited to community resources, information links, listening if you just need to talk, and hands on assistance during labor with comfort measures and position suggestions. Contact me today for a complimentary consultation.
Doula Availability
January 2022 1 spot open
Febuary 2 spots open
March 2 spots open
April 2 spots open
May 1 spot open
June Full
July 2 spots open
August 2 spots open

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