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Mandy Moses

Mandy Moses

Tolar/Hood, Johnson, and Somerville County, Texas
About Me
I had my first child after 22 hours of labor 2 hours of pushing and then a emergency C-Section. My other 2 children were planned c-sections only because I didn’t know I had a choice but I ended up going into labor with both of them then followed by c-section. I had a on-call Doctor with all of them and never had my own Doctor. I want to help women have the birth experience they desire and for them to feel empowered by their birthing experience. I will also be opening a Birthing Center in about a year in Tolar!
Doula Services Offered
Embrace your Birth- This is a birth package for natural birth in your home, birthing center or hospital birth and water birth too.
Mother Nurturing- This includes all the basics but is geared for C-Section births and the extra care for mom and baby.
Doula Availability
Monday-Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday-Sunday available only for labor and delivery

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