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Mandy Hancock

Mandy Hancock

Fort Worth, Texas
About Me
Hi there! I am a mom to three beautiful babes with one more due in September! I absolutely love everything about birth! I have an incredible passion for empowering parents-to-be through childbirth education and coaching on how to achieve their dream birth. Together, we build confidence in decision making and comprehension on what different options are available along the journey. Replacing fear and uncertainty with understanding and knowledge allows families to get excited and feel completely prepared for their own blissful birth experience. All three of my births have been so different but still amazing in their own ways. I have delivered in a birth center, at home and in a hospital and had wonderful experiences every time. I took the Birth Boot Camp comprehensive course during my first pregnancy and a refresher course during my second. I can 100% attribute my preparedness and ability to anticipate and enjoy my birth processes to the education I received. Knowledge is power. And birth is truly your most powerful moment. After my third birth I knew I had to help others achieve the birth they wanted by empowering them through education! You CAN have a blissful birth!
My Class Schedule
Online Courses at your leisure and flexible weekly virtual meetups! Shoot me a message via text or Facebook and let's get you on your path to a Blissful Birth!

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