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Melissa Kosloski

Melissa Kosloski

St. Cloud, Minnesota
About Me
My name is Melissa Kosloski and I was born and raised in Central Minnesota, which I continue to call home with my wonderful husband, and our three boys. While my pregnancies have been relatively uneventful, the births of my sons were very different. My first was born in the hospital, after an induction, many interventions and pain medication, and eventually a cesarean section. With my second son, I did some things very differently. I hired a doula, saw a Webster certified chiropractor, and found midwives to support me. His birth was beautifully healing for me, and he was born at home, in the water, and into my arms. My third son was also born at home.

My varying experiences in birth led me to find my passion! I recognized a need in my area for more choices for pregnant and birthing women, as well as more opportunities for support and education. I now teach Birth Boot Camp childbirth education classes in the St. Cloud, MN area, as well as support birthing people during labor and birth as a Birth Boot Camp DOULA.

I am passionate about helping families, as they navigate this amazing and life changing time in their life. It is my honor to offer my Support With Education, Love, & Laughter. I want to help you to have a SWELL Birth!!
My Class Schedule
I teach a variety of classes at For All of Maternity - St. Cloud's one-stop maternity shop!
Including, but not limited to:
Comprehensive Childbirth Education Class
Hospital Birth Class
Birth Center/Home Birth Class
Comfort Measures Workshop
Homecoming: Life with a New Recruit
Reboot Refresher Class
Siblings at Birth

Visit for my current class schedule!
Doula Services Offered
I provide birth doula services to those planning to birth in a hospital, home, or birth center. My service area includes St. Cloud and an area of about an hour from there.

I have experience supporting:
Home; hospital; birth center births
Medicated birth
Un-medicated birth
Water birth
Cesarean/surgical birth
VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)
Teenage pregnancy/birth
Single parent

Learn more about the services I offer on my website:
Doula Availability
Contact me at to see if I am available for your estimated due date!

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