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Megan Ciampa

Megan Ciampa

Tampa, Florida
(813) 205-5887
About Me
Hey everyone! My name is Megan and I’m a certified childbirth educator with Birth Boot Camp. I have a heart for new moms and a passion for educating and empowering them and their birth partners to walk into birth and parenthood with confidence, and the tools, resources and community support they need for whatever may come their way.

I’m married and we have four kids! All of my births were natural, vaginal deliveries, but I’ve had long labors, short labors, early babies and LATE babies, where an induction was just around the corner. I've given birth at a birth center and at a hospital. I've worked with OBs and midwives. I’ve had easy postpartum experiences and challenging postpartum experiences where I wondered why a woman would ever do this. All of that to say, I’ve had a variety of experiences and chances are we can connect on something.

I teach in the greater Tampa area and am available to connect via Zoom for virtual learning as well. Check out my schedule at
My Class Schedule
Class schedules are always in flux, so stay up to date with my class schedule at:

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