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Lindsey Kelley

Lindsey Kelley

Salt Lake City and Utah County, Utah
About Me
Hi, Lindsey Kelley here! So glad you found me. I am a birth doula, birth photographer, birth videographer, wife, artist, mother of three, teacher, and outdoor enthusiast. I love life! I fell in love with pregnancy and birth, and became a "birth junky" with my first pregnancy in 2014. I love learning about the anatomy of pregnancy and birth.

When I learned doulas give: comfort, love, compassion, education, provide physical, mental, and emotional support to women who are about to give birth; I knew I had to be one. With all the knowledge I have obtained over the years; I just had that deep desire to share it with others. I want women to be able to better prepare for their labor and their birth experiences.

My job as a doula is to help you have the birth that YOU are envisioning. I have seen many births, all: different, magical, raw, empowering, and beautiful. I'd love to see if we fit well together, let's set up a consultation!
Doula Services Offered
Every doula service I provide is customized for each client and their needs. These needs may consist of prenatal and postnatal visits; to help my clients feel ready for labor and birth. I am available to my clients by text, email, and phone starting from the time of booking to a few weeks after birth.

Prenatal/Labor and Birth/Postnatal visits may include; the use of robozo, birth plan help, hospital bag or Birth Center bag planning, practicing comfort measures, making and using a list of Positive Affirmations, practice relaxation techniques, preparing partners how to support mom, fear release and energy clearing, discussing applicable birth education, talk about interventions, providing Community Resources for help, talk about picking a care provider, giving massages, practicing counter pressure, provide breastfeeding support, and teach postpartum tips and tricks.
Doula Availability
I am booking clients on a regular basis and my availability is always changing. Please email me to check to see if I can take your estimated due date. I only take two births a month. Please email me directly at or contact me through my website

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