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Lauren Durrer

Lauren Durrer

Charlottesville, Crozet, Waynesboro , Virginia
About Me
Hello, friends! I'm Lauren - a home birth mom of two cuties, wife of an amazing chiropractor (and even better man), Hallmark movie lover, and sports enthusiast. I’ve always been enamored with birth and find such beauty in the whole process, even the pieces that can seem less than glamorous to some. Part of my heart in becoming a doula and instructor is to help women and their families expect and experience joy in their birth journey - whatever that may look like to them! And experiencing joy doesn’t just stem from having a birth that unfolds perfectly (spoiler alert - most of them don’t), but from feeling prepared, being knowledgeable about your choices, and confident in your capabilities.

I was blessed with an amazing support team with my births and understand the significance of being surrounded with people that support your individual birth goals. I’m so grateful that now I get to be a part of educating and supporting women in writing their own unique birth stories.
My Class Schedule
Comprehensive Class:

February 7 - April 11
September 26 - November 28

April 18 - June 27 (no class on Memorial Day)
July 11 - September 19 (no class on Labor Day)

Home and Birth Center Class:

February 9 - March 3
March 23 - April 13
July 27 - August 17
November 30 - December 21

May 11 - June 1
June 22 - July 13
September 7 - 28
October 12 - November 2
Doula Services Offered
As a doula, my goal is to help women have the birth they want to have. Your birth is your story, and I desire to help you write it in such a way that you approach your birth with expectant joy and take on labor with peaceful strength. And as you do, I will strive to provide you with physical and emotional support that allows you to triumph through labor and move with grace into your postpartum journey.

A unique aspect of my doula packages is the inclusion of chiropractic care by my husband, Dr. Evan. He is an amazing chiropractor and we will come to your home to adjust you and your newborn so you don't need to leave the comfort of your home!
Doula Availability
February: one opening
March: open
April: full
May: one opening
June: one opening
July: open
August: one opening
September: open
October: open
November: open
December: open

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