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Lara Copeland

Lara Copeland

Topeka, Kansas
About Me
As a mama of 8 and having personally experienced hospital inductions, a C-section, and two VBACs at home in the water, I feel compelled to serve others along their mothering journey. Just as a woman opens to birth her baby, I believe she has the opportunity to be open to the universe at large. To her heart. Her desires. The whispering of her intuitive and authentic self. Pregnancy and birthing are transformative, and if we tune in, we reap the rewards. Following the birth of my seventh baby, my first HBAC, my entire being was opened. Feeling empowered, owning my journey – from the struggles to the triumphs—propelled me into a growth like never before. One night shortly after I nursed my newborn to sleep, the house was quiet and it was time for me to sleep, but I couldn’t. My soul was stirring, and then as if the idea fell from the heavens and hit me upside the head, I had a thought. More like an awakening. I was called to birth work. Though the idea had always been there in some capacity since the birth of my first child 15 years ago, it had never seemed like a NEED I had to fulfill. Birth work had always been in the dream realm, and now it was clear to me it needed to be a reality.

Just as a strong force from inside a woman brings forth new life from her womb, there was a power ushering me into a new life. I felt connected to my fellow sisters, my soul aflame to serve them in their most vulnerable yet powerful moments. From here I went on a journey of discovery. I studied, read, talked with birth workers, listened to podcasts, attended trainings, and met with women. I even ended up birthing my 8th baby -- another beautiful and powerful water birth at home in 2020. Shortly thereafter, I trained to become and certified as a doula and a childbirth educator with BBC.

Though I went to college and earned my masters in education I have never taught in the traditional classroom, but I have taught adult learners online and elementary students at our state history museum. I've tutored many K-12 learners, worked as a para educator, and now I homeschool/life school my own children. I also work in editing, and I'm currently editing a first trimester book written by a wonderful midwife (it will be released soon)! I also enjoy being in the sun, listening to the rain, most anything involving water, traveling, photography, finding creative ways to move my body, and most definitely cooking and eating delicious and healthy foods. My husband and I have been married going on 16 years, and most weekends (if I'm not at a birth) you'll find us somewhere across these great plains at a dance or sporting event our children are participating in.
My Class Schedule
I'm happy to offer any Birth Boot Camp's classes privately in your home. I am also working with other BBC instructors in our area to provide a large space for gathering multiple couples for any of our classes, including:
- Comprehensive Childbirth Class
- Comfort Measures Class
- Hospital Class
- Home and Birth Center Class
- Basic Training One-Day Class
- Pregnancy Food & Fitness Class
- Newborn Parenting Class
- Sibling Childbirth Class
- Reboot Refresher
- Breastfeeding Class (available in digital download)
Are you ready to connect and learn? To see my current class schedule, please send me an email at [email protected]
Doula Services Offered
I would be honored to come alongside you and your support team to hold space for you, comfort you, lift you up when you are vulnerable, and witness your amazing power as you usher in a new life. Birth skills are life skills, and when the going gets tough, the tough and grit inside you gets going! I also provide postpartum support by listening to you process your birth, going over your birth story with you, bringing you a nourishing meal, offering community resources (health care providers, chiropractors, support groups, etc.), and encouraging your breastfeeding journey with tips and tricks I learned from study as well as my 15+ years of experience.
Doula Availability
My availability is open for the upcoming year, and I will be taking clients based on space on my doula calendar. Please contact me for scheduling.

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