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Lacy Chastain

Lacy Chastain

Fresno, California
About Me
Hello! I am excited to be bringing a modern childbirth education class to Fresno, California! Congratulations on your pregnancy and the beginning of an amazing journey. I believe that everyone can have an amazing birth and I cannot wait to walk with you through this.

I decided to become a Certified Birthing Educator after I experienced my two drastically different births. The first in 2012, where I was the passenger, completely unprepared, uneducated and allowed my birth to be dictated by everyone around me. It was scary, overwhelming and somewhat traumatic. However, with my 2nd birth in 2015 I decided it was going to be different and made choices to educate myself about birth. I choose to be the driver, the fear was gone and I empowered myself. My 2nd birth was unmedicated, full of joy and was truly an amazing experience. After that I became passionate about teaching others about what birth can look like. If you are prepared and educated you can make the best choices for your family. Contact me today to sign up for a class and learn more information.
My Class Schedule
Class schedule- private only classes currently offered during covid.

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