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Kayleigh Searle

Kayleigh Searle

Shelley, Idaho
About Me
Hello! So glad you found me.

I became a BBC Instructor because I believe so strongly that women are rockstars. We are capable of so much. Through learning and discovery about your body and it's innate abilities, you can have the confidence that you can have an empowering birth. I want to give couples the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and find the care they deserve. I want partners to feel special and included in the birth.

I have three beautiful boys and I have had three completely different births! Because of that, I have seen that it doesn't matter where you birth, it matters HOW you birth. With education, practice and confidence, you can have a satisfying pregnancy, labor and delivery!

I currently teach childbirth classes at Elevated Life Family Chiropractic in Shelley, ID.

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