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Kelly Poptanycz

Kelly Poptanycz

Atlanta, Georgia
About Me
I am proud and honored to be a doula. Yes, I get to see babies being born, but more importantly, I serve the mother in what is assuredly one of her most vulnerable moments. Birth is transformative, powerful, and emotional. I am dedicated to being a reassuring, knowledgeable presence for the women I support as they make their own personal transformation from woman to mother.

I am committed to serving all mothers in all stages of their journey. However, as I am fully aware of how this one day in your life can have a lasting impact on how you mother, how you feel, and how you view yourself as a woman, I am especially passionate about supporting mothers who have previously suffered birth trauma.
Doula Services Offered
My Birth Doula Services include:

-A Birth Plan Visit to discuss my role as your doula (including getting your partner involved during labor), how you’re feeling about this pregnancy, what your hopes are for your labor and birth, any previous births, and to put some goals in place to help you have a satisfying and peaceful birth.
-Unlimited Phone/Text/Email support with any questions you may have about your childbirth classes, birth books you’re reading, or if you just need to chat!
-Continuous face to face labor support (emotional, physical, and informational) at your home or place of birth.
-1-2 hours of support after baby is born.
-1 postpartum visit whenever you feel ready, to discuss your birth and recap any details!
-A keepsake birth letter, written by me after our postpartum visit.

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