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Kristine Ortiz

Kristine Ortiz

Mount Airy, Maryland
About Me
I am an adventure enthusiast whose biggest adventures yet were the births of my two children. Those experiences changed me and I have become passionate about helping others enjoy the amazing adventure of childbirth. I live with my husband in Mount Airy, Md- which is a lovely place to raise a family, by the way. We took a great childbirth class when we were expecting our daughter and we felt so empowered by the knowledge that we gained and were able to confidently make choices during pregnancy and labor that helped us have an amazing birth. The birth of my daughter was such a powerful experience for me that I wanted every woman to know that she could feel powerful in childbirth too. That is the reason I became a Birth Boot Camp Instructor.
My Class Schedule
For the short-term foreseeable future, you will have the option of viewing professionally-filmed classes online AND receive personalized live and virtual support from myself, weekly. I will send you a beautiful and informative workbook to follow along with as you view each class video and I will also be available as a resource for you throughout the duration of your amazing childbirth education! Email me at for more detailed information about class options and pricing.

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