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Katie Meier

Katie Meier

Stephenson/Winchester , Virginia
About Me
Hi, my name is Katie Meier and here’s a little bit about myself! My husband and I have 3 boys; 5, 3 and 1. I was born and raised in Merritt Island, Fl and moved to Va 9 years ago. I was in the Air National Guard for 5 years as a surgical technician. That was my civilian job as well.
I didn’t have the best experience with my first so after some research I knew that for our second baby we would hire a doula. That doula made my birth absolutely amazing! Even having him in the hospital setting, it was a beautiful, natural birth. That was when I knew I wanted to be a doula! I wanted to give other moms that experience. Being a doula has been such a blessing, it’s my passion and I love every bit of it!
Doula Services Offered
Winchester BBC provides emotional, educational and physical support to women and their families throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. We would love to assist you however we can, whether that’s being your doula and bringing you comfort measures during labor or giving you emotional support.
Doula Availability
I am available for fall and winter births 2021!

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