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Kelli Besancon

Kelli Besancon

Fort Worth, Keller, Texas
About Me
Hi! I'm Kelli and I love teaching natural childbirth education classes through Birth Boot Camp in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex! I am also a wife, proud mom of 4 to Quinn, Caroline, Hazel, and Amelia, a physical therapist, and a certified Birth Boot Camp Doula. Personally, I've had a wide range of experiences with birth and those experiences are what led me to Birth Boot Camp.

With my son, I was not educated at all about pregnancy or birth and after laboring for 3 days, I ended up with a cesarean when they discovered he was breech. Had I taken a Birth Boot Camp class during that pregnancy, I would have had the tools and resources to help promote better positioning for my baby, I would have had more confidence in my body instead of confusion, and I possibly would not have ended up with a cesarean birth. However, in some ways I'm thankful for that birth because I might not be the birth advocate I am today without that experience, and I would not be able to support moms in similar situations had I not been through that myself. With great education and support, I went on to have two fabulous VBACs: the first was unmedicated in the hospital and the second was at home in the water.

Knowing and understanding about healthy pregnancy, the natural process of birth, and how our bodies were made gave me the ability to experience the beauty of natural birth. That is exactly why I am so passionate about childbirth education and support! Birth can absolutely be amazing and that "I did it!" moment when a mom has just pushed out her baby is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Contact me today and let's get started planning and preparing for YOUR amazing birth!
My Class Schedule
Contact me for information regarding virtual classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Group and private online classes available!

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