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Katie Cluff

Katie Cluff

Beaver, Iron, Washington counties, Utah
(435) 218-8765
About Me
Welcome! And thank you for being here.
Why 'grace and grit'?
Well, because this: "She is beautiful because of the way she chooses to live and love. In the way she embraces all of life's experiences- good or bad. In her willingness to bend but never break, and in her courage to believe that the darkness can't hold her as long as she continues to create her own light. She is just like a pearl- made from grit but full of grace. She is unstoppable- she knows it's not what happens, but how she chooses to respond, with perseverance in her mind and passion in her heart."
This is the essence of why I love what I do. To witness the willingness, courage, grit, grace, perseverance, and passion as women bring a soul earth side inspires me.
Aside from being a doula, I am mother to 7 myself. I've experienced birth in a hospital, birth center, and home setting. I am also a personal trainer of 18 years. Having 7 babies has pushed me to pursue knowledge of pregnancy exercise, and deep core repair post partum.
I love supporting women through some of the most epic times of their lives. I am humbled and inspired by the human body, and what it can accomplish.
Doula Services Offered
Currently offering Birth Doula Services that include:
-2 pre-natal visit where we identify your needs, goals, hopes, desires, or even fears.
-Nearly unlimited accessibility via text, email, calls, even Zoom. This time frame goes from when you hire me to 6 weeks post partum.
-In person or virtual birth support (given the current restrictions with COVID)
-24 hour on call accessibility when you're in your due date range- 37-42 weeks. No matter day or night, if I'm at a kid's ball game- if you call, I come running!
-2 post partum visits. I can help with breastfeeding, housework, baby wearing, soothing baby. These are 2- 1 hour appointments.
- 1 massage. Can be used before or after birth. I have specific massage therapists I have a working relationship with who are very skilled at their craft.
Doula Availability
There is a good chance I have availability. Please text me and we can figure something out, I'm sure.

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