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Kristin Lynn

Kristin Lynn

Northern Colorado, Colorado
(817) 381-5301
About Me
My name is Kristin Lynn. I am a Birth Boot Camp Certified Doula and Childbirth Educator. I have also been an OBGYN Nurse for over 20 years specializing in Labor Delivery & Postpartum, High-Risk Antepartum, and OB Triage.

Over the years I have been privileged to have assisted in hundreds of deliveries. My very favorite births being natural and unmedicated. Working with families with a birth plan is a passion of mine.

I believe that gaining knowledge and having experienced support can help you have the birth you want and a happy first year at home.
My Class Schedule
Comprehensive Childbirth Education Classes
Private and individually scheduled classes are also available upon request
Doula Services Offered
I offer all Doula Services and Specialize in Postpartum Home Visits assisting with Lactation, Home Organization & Healthy Meal Prep, Healing Mom's Body, Belly Binding, Baby Wearing, and assessing for and minimizing Postpartum Depression

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