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Jessica Villella

Jessica Villella

Northern Colorado & Cheyenne, WY, Colorado
About Me
I am a mama of 3! Through my own diverse & wild birth stories, I have found a deep love and passion for all things pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Birth is a love story! & you only have one opportunity to create the beautiful & intuitive birth you desire. I am confident that with the right birth team, empowering knowledge and being intuitive is the key to the birth you desire. I specialize in unmedicated birth & VBAC & birth center/home birth.
My Class Schedule
Homecoming Class March 13th 9am-2pm
Out of Hospital Class April 17th & 24th 9am -3pm
Out of Hospital Class May 15th & 22nd 9am -3pm
Out of Hospital Class June 12th & 19th 9am -3pm
Doula Services Offered
Birth, Postpartum & Bereavement Doula
*specializing in unmedicated & VBAC
*specializing in birth center & home births
Doula Availability
March- 1 Available
April- Full
May- 1 Available
June- 1 Available
July -2 Available
August -3 Available
September -3 Available

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