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Jeni Standard

Jeni Standard

Atlanta, Georgia
About Me
I have been working as a doula in Atlanta since 2006 following the birth of my daughter. Birthing her definitely opened my eyes to a whole new world, and mostly I was pulled to this work because of the amazing support that I had. I began teaching in 2016 after deciding to shift into birth work full-time. I approach both roles with the intention of supporting in whatever way best fits the family that I’m working with. I strive to provide solid, evidence based information so that my clients can make the most informed decisions along the way.
My Class Schedule
Please contact me for class options. This crazy year has thrown any predictability for my class schedule to the wind!
Doula Services Offered
I’m a full spectrum doula offering informed support in hospital, birth center or home settings. My approach to support is to listen to the kind of birth you want, help you to achieve that with zero judgement, and stand in through the reroutes along the way making sure that you feel heard.
Doula Availability
During 2021 I will take on virtual doula clients, but only one client per month for in person support. Reach out early if you’re looking for in person support in any setting.

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