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Jessica Jenks

Jessica Jenks

Colorado Springs, Colorado
About Me
My passion for helping families through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care began in 2008. I had the opportunity to serve as an informal Doula for one of my closest friends. It was a medically complicated birth and through this experience, my path now leads to helping others. Working alongside parents to navigate their unique birthing journeys is my calling. Raised in Southern California, I waited until 1997 to trade the pacific ocean for the Colorado mountains. College brought me to the Rockies and it was here that I met my husband Mark in 2001. Mark and I have been blessed with four fiery daughters and five fur babies. My life is built around my family and close friends. When I am not spending time with those closest to me, I love to cook (I am quite the foodie), read, paint, travel and even some kick boxing from time to time.
Having four births, I have a world of experience to draw from. My husband and I had three hospital births with obstetricians and a certified nurse midwife. Our fourth little one was born at home and I was actually able to catch her, thanks to a superb and open minded midwife! Each birth was unique and I was fortunate to have my loving family and knowledgeable birth team.
In my soul, I believe that laboring and birthing brings unequivocal insight, insight that can leave parents forever changed. As a doula, I know that knowledge is power and having evidence based information and a support team can truly make birth an enriched and rewarding experience. I have used my knowledge and experience to help with both medicated and unmedicated births, planned and emergency cesareans along with home births. I had worked with a local birthing group for a few years and it was when I got my massage license and I decided to work independently. Having worked in the birthing world for so long, I am excited to provide a variety of services. It is with this personal and heart-driven goal that I feel like I can make the most difference in the world.

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