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Janine Heincker

Janine Heincker

Topeka, Kansas
About Me
My inspired birth story actually starts with my own- I was almost born in a car! My momma is my pioneer woman. Fast forward 20+yrs and my journey started SAD as I was eating the standard american diet and following a mainstream mindset... ugh. So, my journey includes three losses, but these are balanced by five unbelievable births (and we are excited to be expecting Baby Bee 6!) Each birth was unique, and after some soul-searching, my trust in the birth process flourished, I surrounded myself with support people, and focused on what I wanted. My first less-than birth sparked my dedication to serving expectant families as a childbirth instructor and later, at my students’ request, I became a doula. Birth work is in my blood.

When I’m not demonstrating how to eat-think-move well in pregnancy and birth or helping families meet their little one in their birth place, I can be found discovering life with my five little home-learners, hiking and biking south of Topeka on our country oasis, reading books to help me be a lazy genius in the kitchen (and life), working on pallet projects with hubby (I'm a boss with power tools), or storytelling with photography! As I always say, life is too short to just survive, let’s get out there and thrive! For more tips (and tons of pictures) on living an inspired life, follow me on Facebook and Instagram @abirth2remember
My Class Schedule
~AMAZING Hospital Birth Boot Camp 6wk Series~
Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm @ KU- St.Francis Campus, Topeka KS
Register here:
Apr 3-May 8

I offer all the Birth Boot Camp Classes to my Doula students privately or in small groups. And, students in good-standing get a credit toward Doula services!
Doula Services Offered
I serve expectant families in their AMAZING childbearing journey- sharing natural living from womb to tomb. I am an engaged prep mentor with a degree in psychology- if you're relationship is good- you're birth will be also! What gets the baby in- LOVE- gets the baby out. We birth how we love.

I am a professionally trained doula with several organizations with 10+ years personal and professional experience in the birth world. I am trained with as a bereavement doula and strongly believe no one should feel alone in their losses. I offer affordable loss doula services. I'm here for you like I wish someone would have been there for me in my four losses.

I don't WORK as a doula. I AM a doula. It's in my blood to serve and I would be honored to set up a complimentary consult to discuss your needs and how my intimate knowledge and experience of birth will help you navigate
your path to an AMAZING pregnancy, birth and beyond!

Personally, I know birth how we live, so I strive to think-eat-move well; would you like to learn more about having an amazing birth (you want) to remember... and ultimately, a life to remember? Let's connect!
Doula Availability
My Doula packages include a birth class. If you take another childbirth class, we can discuss how the many Birth Boot Camp classes will compliment your education nicely. Ex: Comfort measures, reboot refresher, homecoming, etc. Education is power!

Accepting clients in Apr, Jun-July

Contact me to set up a complimentary consult to see if we are a great fit for your AMAZING birth!

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