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Jenica Burgan

Jenica Burgan

Harrisville, Utah
About Me
Hi! I'm Jenica. I'm a mother of 3, wife of a fantastic husband, and passionate about helping to create positive birth stories. I grew up the daughter of a doula and attended the home births of my youngest 2 siblings. These experiences were instrumental in my own birth choices and in my preparation for my births. A few months after my youngest was born, I realized a lot of people were still going through traumatic births-- and that the things I had been taught for my own births could help! I decided to train as a doula to add as many drops to the ocean as I could.
My goal as a doula is to make sure you have the information, support, and encouragement you need to take back your own power over your birth choices.
I'm excited to hear from you!
Doula Services Offered
My package includes a birth plan appointment, a fear release session, a practice session, on-call time, the birth itself, and two postpartum appointments. Other needs and additional appointments can be discussed on an individual basis.
Doula Availability
I currently have openings for two births per month. Contact me for detailed availability!

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