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Holly Milkowski

Holly Milkowski

Katy / Richmond / Houston, Texas
About Me
Hi! I'm a Katy, Texas based BBC Instructor and Doula looking forward to making connections with families like yours. Let's dive in together!


The birth process intends to prime us for the incredible rigors of new parenthood, but more is needed. With a quality childbirth education, a solid support system, an attentive care provider, and a nourished postpartum life, I believe the modern parent can experience far more highs than lows.

You’ll remember this day for the rest of your days — it’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! You’ll have one chance to meet this baby of yours for the very first time. Make it count!


My first pregnancy at age 23 led to a vaginal birth in a hospital with several interventions under OB/GYN care and birth trauma. My first postpartum seemed to drag on for years due to PPD/PPA; even still, the nurturing aspects of motherhood came so naturally. Breastfeeding was a bit of an experiment: I had no exposure to it prior to latching on my own baby for the first time, but little did I know, he wouldn’t be weaned for six more years!

This whole era was a challenge, a call to action… leading to what, I had yet to discover. Later in my fledgling mothering days, a feeling came almost out of the blue but I was so at home with it: a passion to aid others in this same phase of life, those preparing to navigate the deep seas of child-birthing and child-raising wisdom. It was only after my second pregnancy when I realized that dreamy feeling was a real marker along my path.

My second pregnancy, at age 27, culminated in a midwife-assisted, ecstatic and painless home waterbirth. Postpartum was blissful, a priority on self-care rose to the forefront, I enjoyed an improved ability to build a support system, and I languished in bonding with both of my growing boys.

Each of my sons’ births transformed my life in positive and meaningful ways, though they were very different experiences. One proved I was capable of facing my fears and the other showed me what happens when I’m fearless!


I’m mama wolf to two delightfully wild homeschooled (unschooled) boys, a book collector, film junkie, animal snuggler, Scrabble queen, deliverer of dry humor, and novelist wannabe. Feel free to check out my breastfeeding blog at
My Class Schedule

Group classes TBA.

Private classes available upon request throughout Greater Houston. Hybrid style also offered!

Choose from:

- 10 Week Comprehensive
- Hospital Birth Class
- Out-of-Hospital Birth Class
- Comfort Measures Workshop
- Reboot: Refresher Class
- Early Pregnancy Class
- Siblings at Birth Class
- Homecoming: Life With a New Recruit
Doula Services Offered
My intention as a doula is to help you have a safe, remarkable, memorable, and inspiring birth experience. I want you to feel at peace with your choices from the options given, and that you have weighed or tried all desired alternatives. My goal is to help you avoid feelings of “If only I had known [xyz]” or “What if I had tried [xyz].”

I won’t fill your head with ‘shoulds.’ Instead I cultivate a recognition of your power of responsibility within — enabling you to make your own confident decisions. I nurture an understanding of this concept: “Freedom of choice through knowledge of alternatives” (ICEA). I won’t instruct about what you ‘should’ or ‘need’ to do. Instead I will help you tap into your instincts and explore your findings in a safe space that we will build together.

My view is that a doula is part of a unique collaboration between the birthing parent, family, and care providers.

I offer several packages that can be customized. These include classic doula care, virtual doula support, repeat client discounts, a great deal on birth classes and doula services, a postpartum care package, and special add-ons.

On my website, you will find details about these packages as well as in-depth FAQs about my doula services, "Why Hire a Doula?" and more helpful resources.
Doula Availability
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