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Hailie Wolfe

Hailie Wolfe

BBC Doula Trainer

Midland, Texas
About Me
I am relocating to Midland, TX this summer!!!

Hailie Wolfe is a devoted wife and mother of five with a tremendous gift for helping families in the Permian Basin have positive birth experiences. Her own births ignited her strong desire to support families through their incredible birth journeys. She truly believes that with the right preparation and support, you CAN have an amazing birth.

If you would like to prepare for birth in a meaningful way, Hailie will be offering childbirth classes in Midland starting in the Fall of 2019.

Hailie has been a doula since early 2014 and is a certified Birth Boot Camp DOULA, and Doula Trainer. She is experienced in natural, medicated, and cesarean birth. Whether you plan on giving birth in a hospital labor and delivery room, an operating room, or in a birth pool in your home, she is qualified to support you during your birth. She will make a phenomenal addition to YOUR birth team.

My Class Schedule
Be on the lookout for Fall class dates - PERFECT for Winter due dates!
I anticipate teaching classes out of my home once we get settled in our new home on the North side of Midland.
Doula Services Offered
Offering doula services on a limited basis during the summer months starting in 2020!
Doula Availability
Due to relocation, I will not be taking clients until Summer 2020.

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